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Links to available abstracts, and when available, links to the full text on the Journal web sites are provided (search for . Our apologies in advance for uncertainties, errors, and omissions. The United States filed a complaint in intervention against New Mexico as well.The upcoming argument focuses on the first interim report by the special master, which considered a motion to dismiss filed by New Mexico against the state of Texas and the United States and motions to intervene filed by an irrigation district and a water improvement district.

The congressionally approved Rio Grande Compact of 1938 apportioned water rights among these states.

Reed signed a rental agreement that indicated that additional drivers were only permitted “with prior written consent.” When Reed left the facility, she allowed Byrd to take the wheel; shortly thereafter, he began a solo trip in the rental car from New Jersey to Pittsburgh. Continue reading » We rely on our readers to send us links for our round-up.

Continue reading » In its conference of January 5, 2018, the court will consider petitions involving issues such as whether the death penalty in and of itself violates the Eighth Amendment, in light of contemporary standards of decency; whether, given a petitioner’s credible evidence that a juror voted for the death penalty because the petitioner is a “nigger,” the lower court erred in ruling that he failed to make “a substantial showing of the of the denial of a constitutional right” under 28 U. If you have or know of a recent (published in the last two or three days) article, post, podcast, or op-ed relating to the Supreme Court that you’d like us to consider for inclusion in the round-up, please send it to roundup [at] Whether the judicial doctrine of tribal sovereign immunity bars civil claims against an Indian tribe based on intentional torts and criminal conduct that occurred off-reservation against non-members of the tribe.

In 2014, the Supreme Court granted Texas’ motion for leave to file a complaint and the court’s appointed special master, A.

Gregory Grimsal, has been working through preliminary matters since then.

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Roberts began by acknowledging that disaster response efforts are “primarily the responsibility of the executive and legislative branches.” Although courts “cannot provide food, shelter, or medical aid,” he observed, “they must stand ready to perform their judicial functions as part of the recovery effort.” Roberts described the response of the federal judiciary to 2017’s natural disasters in some detail.