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This section lists just some of the most recent articles and videos.

Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from November 2017 (article) Abomination: Vatican Issues Stamp Of Heretic Martin Luther!

Van Noort’s Pre-Vatican II Dogmatic Theology Manual (article) Antipope Francis’ Heresies from January to March 2014 (article) From Interviews in 2013 (article) From October to December 2013 (article) From July to September 2013 (article) From March to June 2013 (article) Fr.

Benedict Groeschel, Heretic of the Vatican II Sect, Dies at Age 81 (article) Where To Receive Sacraments (article) Must-See Video: The Beast that , Has Returned (video) Are Catholic Statues Idolatrous?

(2nd Edition) (video) “Blessed” Paul VI’s Heresies (video) Antipope Francis’ Heresies from April to May 2014 (article) Why Ebola Hit Dallas (video) The Heretical False Traditionalist Priest, Fr.

Gavin Bitzer (article) The Revealing Heresies in Msgr.

Alphonsus’ Quote on Trent and Regeneration Shows Why ‘Baptism of Desire’ Advocates Have Nowhere To Go (article) Was Vatican II Infallible?

(video) Francis calls Italy’s foremost abortion promoter one of nation’s ‘forgotten greats’ (article) Epic Blunder in New SSPX Book (New Rite of Ordination) (video) Francis approves contraception during news conference (article) Vatican then confirms that Francis was speaking about contraceptives for ‘Zika’ (article) Francis denies the Papacy and more in New Joint Declaration with Schismatic Kirill (article) Beware of Francis’ Divided “Church” (video) Antipope Francis calls Traditional Catholics “idolaters and rebels” (article) Francis goes to Roman Synagogue and teaches heresy (article) Alert: Revelation 18:2 Just Happened (video) (Also in Spanish) (video) Burning Man and Click Fraud (video) Bishop Robert Mc Kenna Dies (article) ‘Eucharistic Miracles’ in the New Mass? (article) The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” (article) Do You Evangelize?(video) Francis Publishes Key Documents On Amoris Laetitia’s Heretical Teaching In The AAS & Declares Them ‘Authentic Magisterium’ (article) “Cardinal” Says It Is “Absurd And Inhuman” To Refuse Communion To Adulterers (video) Antipope Francis Says The Death Penalty Is Contrary To The Gospel And That The Interpretation Of Doctrine Changes (article) Antipope Francis Says “Everything will be saved” (article) Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from October 2017 (article) Padre Pio: “Satan” Would “Come To Rule A False Church” (video) The King James Translation And John (article) Was Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Making Anti-Vaccine Documentary With De Niro?(video) “Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary (video) Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from August to September 2017 (article) Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show Held In Anglican “Church” In 2017 (video) Francis ‘Blesses’ Colombian President’s Adulterous Civil Union (video) Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers (video) Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof!No (video) Blind To Benedict XVI – Fraternity Of St.Peter (video) Why Hell Must Be Eternal (new edition) (video) “Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists (new version of video) Michael Matt, False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times (video) Catholic Sacramentals Defeat Drug Dealers (article) Anglican Liturgical Prayer Service Conducted In St.

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Peter’s Basilica For The First Time Ever (article) Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from December 2016 to January 2017 (article) Catholics May Not Pray For Deceased Non-Catholics (article) St.