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The program uses a variety of best practice strategies, including data collection and analysis, design and development of initiatives, training and technical assistance, policy and advocacy, and evaluation.Our Fully Loaded Package is voted as "Hunters Top Choice Package" and received North Dakota Governor's Travel and Tourism Award!

In fact, there were only2 homes that I could tell had people living in them.Eligible young women must be between the ages of 14 and 27 and be unmarried residents of North Dakota in order to be eligible.The tribes of North Dakota contribute greatly to our state, and we welcome you to explore reservations and experience Native American culture.The elevator in the town was also in really tough shape.He said it used to be a “fun” little town and he could remember going there for school dances.

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The river follows Lewis and Clark's journey west through North Dakota in 1804-1805, and on their return trip in 1806. Rolling Plains Adventures offers a variety of activities for all ages throughout the year.

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