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He explains, "If [the structure] is all monocoque, you get a lot of twist to it, and it's tough to build it accurately.If it's all space frame, you smack one area and you impact everything else because every tube takes all the load.The transmission case is a GM Turbo Hydra-matic, the sort used in the Seventies by the V-8-powered front-drive Olds Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado.

A stiff chassis is all the better to take loads from the massive suspension pieces.It can be removed from the car in minutes by unclasping four quick-release aerospace clamps.It connects to twin water-cooled Garrett turbos, composed of automotive center sections and aircraft-specific impellers and housings.As beautifully done as the engine itself are the mounting plates that position it transversely in the bay.Blue anodized and relief-milled from billets of aluminum , one bolts to the accessory side of the block, and the other doubles as an engine/transmission adapter plate.

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Ignition is handled by a separate coil for each cylinder, and fuel delivery is by multi­ sequential port injection, using custom-made injectors from Bosch's research and development group.