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It is always packed with singles and it has great music.The Martini bar has regular salsa nights and obviously martinis of all different flavours.It is the 1st site of the kind, slowly developing in the biggest bi dating site on the Internet over time, being developed for the needs of bisexual singles and couples, also including the bi-curious as well.This is the best place for bi and bi-curious, meeting people that have the same lifestyle as you do in a comfortable, intimate, and safe environment ...Hookups are not encouraged, BUT if you meet someone you really like, no one is going to say anything about it. Usually you'd need a date (same sex or opp) if something were to happen. This is the only site I've ever paid to join and has been more than worth the number of hookups, but by the number of quality friends I continue to see socially outside of playtime.Bisexual Coupleshi, I was wondering if any bi couples in Ontario are looking for a single bi male?

I am very discreet and professional and like to have a good time.Munch1051's: I like to have a good time and want a woman who wants to as well.My perfect life would iclude some light dating, flirting and lots of sex. OK, I guess I have to make this part longer - rub it a bit, will you?The Adult Friend Finder members tell us that the locals love to drink at The Ceeps near the University.For a good ratio of guys to girls that want to party at The Richmond Tavern.

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If you are interested in this, check my profile and get a hold of me. I will be traveling to Chicago on the 22nd and was hoping you would allow me the opportunity for my 6th dick in my mouth in 15 yrs. If so, you'd have a huge room filled with naked party dwellers.